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Artificial intelligence - A Haiku

Artificial intelligence - A Haiku

by Porto

Indistinct cockcrow
Help me with better input
by the galaxy

I'm afraid we couldn't find a 7 syllable line 2.

Thanks to Datamuse, whose word engine was used to complete the poem.
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Auto Praise for Artificial intelligence - A Haiku

"The juxtaposition of artificial intelligence and galaxy is truly inspired."
- The Daily Tale
"I don't like short poems. So why am I reviewing a haiku, you may wonder? Well, I liked the title - 'Artificial intelligence'. It went down hill from there."
- Enid Kibbler
"Amazing how so few words can set a scene so perfectly. I close my eyes and all I can see is the indistinct cockcrow."
- Hit the Spoof
"I felt that I was an artificial intelligence. It was spooky. I hope to read more by Porto. Perhaps next time, something longer."
- Zob Gloop
"I've always wanted to write a haiku about an artificial intelligence. I can't belive Porto has beaten me to it."
- Betty Borison
"Indistinct cockcrow is a popular first line for a haiku. It's incredible how much diversity can be achieved with those final lines."
- Chris Critic, otherwise known as Cristic

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